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    The Clan MacIntyre

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    In any event, his heroic and historic act clearly predates the formation of Clan Donald. The Standing Council includes the Chief of Clan MacIntyre along side the Chiefs of Clan Donald. Likewise, but not blatantly, the Campbell's whisper that the MacIntyres are their feudal inferiors. This was never the case as evidence by the fact that James III, the MacIntyre Chief was not obligated to supply men at arms and did not personally fight on the side of the Campbell's and Government against Bonnie Prince Charlie. At the same time, a number of MacIntyres fought with the Stewart of Appin regiment and five died at Culloden for the Jacobite cause.

    It seems obvious that as Chiefs, MacIntyres held full rights to Glen Noe at some time in their history. That this was modified is also clear. It seems that in the early 1300 Glen Noe was still part of the Chief inheritance. However, the sons of the Chief apparently killed some Campbell's and the punishment was to require a symbolic payment of a fatted calf in December and a snowball in June. It was Donald II who accepted payment of a small sum of money in place of the symbolic calf and snowball. 

    The Chief of Clan Clan MacIntyre is called by one name, Glenoe, after the place in Scotland on Loch Etive near Oban, where they lived for centuries until 1816. Although the MacIntyre Chiefs were recognized by other Clans and by the Kings of Scotland, it was only in 1991 that the Lyon Court of Scottish Heraldry gave their recognition to James Wallace MacIntyre of New York, the 9th Chief of Record who died in 1994 and was succeeded by his son Donald as the 10th Chief. Glenoe's son, James Thomas MacIntyre, the younger, was born in 1998.

    The Chiefs of Clan MacIntyre have alternated their given name between Donald to James since Donald, the second Chief of record in 1666.  The first Glenoe MacIntyre to come to the USA was Donald who left Scotland in 1782 after some medical study at Edinburgh. He married Esther Haines in New York and began his medical practice and moved on into Pennsylvania where he died in 1793 leaving the wife and 3 boys. They went to Johnstown, New York, where two of Donald's sisters who had married in Scotland, had recently arrived.  When Donald's oldest son James was 21 he went back to Scotland and married another Campbell.  They came back to Johnstown in 1822 with two children, Donald and Peter. James died in 1863 after six more children with Ann Campbell. 

    In 1955, the Lyon Court recognized and awarded arms to Camus-na-h-Erie, a cadet branch of descent from the younger brother of a Glenoe many years before written records are available..'

       Early History       Middle History        Later History      More History